The World Fire Safety Foundation
Warning about Ionization Smoke Alarms Since 2000
The World Fire Safety Foundation
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Feb, 2011
South Burnett Times

Feb, 2007
The CAN Report

Feb, 2010
Volunteer Fire Fighter

The Foundation’s films contain damning information about Australian Standards flawed testing of ionization smoke alarms.  Our claims are largely ignored by the fire industry, however, they never been challenged or refuted.

Foundation Films   March 2006 - Present

     Since 2000 the World Fire Safety Foundation has warned about the flawed standards testing of ionization smoke alarms.
     The Foundation’s claims about “deadly” ionization smoke alarms are sometimes questioned or deemed ‘alarmist’.
     However, the work is being vindicated by a growing number of US cities and States who have enacted mandatory photoelectric-specific smoke alarm legislation.
   Here is some of the Foundation’s work . . .
Sept, 2010
Deadly Smoke
Alarms Update

US TV Sept 2006 ~ Present

Channel 3 News, Ohio, USA
April, 2011

‘Raising Alarm for Fire Safety’
Chief Marc McGinn, Albany California, USA
Front page, San Francisco Chronicle  - August, 2010

September 11, 2010
Oakland Coliseum, CA, USA

June 2009 ~ April, 2010

The ABCB’s Open
Letters and Freedom
of Information Requests

A Sample of The World Fire Safety Foundation’s Work
Warning about “DEADLY” Ionization Smoke Alarms
2003 - Present
NZSC Endorsement
WFSF Advertising
Oakland A’s 911 Memorial Baseball Match
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More U.S. Media Stories:

Courteney Stuart
Senior Editor, The Hook
exposing the horrifying truth

‘The Hook’

Cover Story
Father’s For Fire Safety

Read:  The Story

U.S. Media
September, 2009

Hear the


July 05, Feb, 2009
Sunshine Coast
Media Stories

The Smoke Alarm Disclosure Letters
The Key to Solving the Ionization Smoke Alarm Scandal Globally
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Ray Martin - ACA Presenter
“... but unless the worst happens, how can we be sure that
the thing actually works?”

David Isaac, Fire Industry Expert
“If the fire develops a long smouldering phase, that fills the house with smoke, it’s unlikely the smoke alarm will work.”

Elise Mooney, ACA & David Isaac
“If manufacturers are aware of this
why aren’t they alerting the public?”

‘Smoke Alarms’  -  First Australian TV Story

“If manufacturers are aware of this why aren’t they alerting the public?”   More > > >sadl.htmlshapeimage_30_link_0

The World Fire Safety

Foundation is non profit

Our Mission
Stop The Children Burning

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Official Position
Ionization Smoke Alarms