The World Fire Safety Foundation
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The DEADLY Smoke Alarms Australian  & New Zealand Tour
02-16 May, 2011  South Burnett

Vermont, USA

"I call for the immediate.
removal of the fraudulent.
“deadly”, ionization so-called.

smoke alarm from all stores and.
homes before more people are.

needlessly maimed or killed.

Chief Marc McGinn

Albany Fire Department

Albany, California, USA

July, 2010

Chief Marc McGinn,

Albany Fire Dept, Albany, CA, USA
visiting South Burnett, May, 2011

     The World Fire Safety Foundation has commenced an extensive campaign to expose the truth about ionization smoke alarms, the type of smoke alarm (whether new or old, battery or hard-wired) in almost every Australian home.

     Adrian Butler is a former full-time firefighter and the World Fire Safety Foundation’s Chairman and Co-Founder.  He lives in the South Burnett, at Cushnie, 20kms west from Wondai.

     South Burnett residents will be asked to help with the campaign by requesting their smoke alarm manufacturers disclose the level of smoke their ionization smoke alarms activated under Australian Standards testing.

     The Foundation believes this information will be instrumental in exposing the flawed testing standards of ionization smoke alarms globally and result in saving thousands of lives around the world every year.

    Contact Adrian Butler by:

Phone: 0409 782 166

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South Burnett Region Smoke Alarm Promotion
May - July, 2011

Read the South Burnett Times Report:
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South Burnett Free Business Promotion


Hardware stores, electricians, real estate agents, builders and other qualifying businesses prepared
to make a stand and promote the Foundation’s and the Fire Services official position on smoke
alarms may qualify to receive their own free customised page on the Foundation’s website.

Email Adrian Butler for more information, Here > > >