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"I think there is a case for switching alarms and I'll be recommending the use of photoelectric smoke alarms from now on."

Charlie Pike, First Officer, Glasshouse Mountains Rural Fire Brigade. 04 March, 2009

Where there's smoke . . . there should be a smoke alarm sounding a warning

Glasshouse Country News

14 July, 2005

09 February, 2009

11 March, 2009

ABC Sunshine Coast Radio Interviews

16 April, 2011

Transcripts from all ABC Radio Interviews between Sunshine Coast ABC Radio (John Stokes), the World Fire Safety Foundation (Adrian Butler)

and David Isaac (Standards Australia, Committee FP2) will be made available on this page in the near future.

07 August, 2010

Stop the Children Burning

Stop the Children Burning is a must-see documentary by local film maker, Peter Enright, exposing the devastating truth about the fire alarms most of us have in our homes. It tells
the stories of three families who tragically relied on the most common type of smoke alarm, the ionization type.
THIS documentary exposes the fraud and corruption that has led to millions of people around the world installing the wrong type of smoke alarm in the mistaken belief that they are protected from fire.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Broadcast: 12 May, 2006

Journalist: John Stokes

David Isaac, Standards Australia FP002 Committee member, and Adrian Butler, Chairman of the World Fire Safety Foundation, discuss the problem with ionization
smoke alarms, the type found in almost every Australian home.

Note: This is one of four ABC Sunshine Coast radio interviews.

ABC Sunshine Coast Interviews
The World Fire Safety Foundation’s Chairman &
Standard Australia Committee Member, & ‘Smoke Alarm Forum’ Chairman, Mr David Isaac

12 May, 2006