California Makes A Stand

Vermont, USA

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California’s Stand to Properly

Protect its Citizens from Fire

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“Chronicle reporter Kevin
 Fagan says most homes in
 the Bay Area and the rest of
 the country don’t have the
 the right kind of smoke
 alarms and it’s costing lives.”
‘Raising Alarm for Fire Safety’
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Chief Marc McGinn, Albany California, USA
Front page, San Francisco Chronicle  August, 2010
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‘Getting the Right Smoke
 Alarm For Your Home’
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“If everybody in the country would install..
these (photoelectric smoke alarms)..
. . . we would probably save about..
a thousand lives a year.”
Gordon Simpkinson
Acting Fire Marshal
Palo Alto, California, USA
PALO ALTO, California, Sept - Nov, 2010
ALBANY, California, August, 2010
“There was no fire but.
 smoke and it was so.
 thick I was surprised.
 the alarm didn’t go off.”
Sept, 2010: Annie Hoefs smoke alarms
failed to detect smoldering kitchen fire
Sept, 2010: Smoke alarms did not sound
in this home until long after residents
were alerted by heat and smoke
‘Palo Alto Fire Officials Propose
 Mandating Modern Alarms’
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Annie Hoefs, Palo Alto
Why Palo Alto is Mandating Photoelectric Smoke Alarms
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California City Rethinks the Type of Smoke
Detectors to be Required: "Ionization VS Photoelectric"
09 November, 2010
Palo Alto
Fire Department:
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“An Important Notice Regarding Home
Smoke Alarms”
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Could City Councils Be Held Liable When Their Fire Departments 
Provide or Promote Ionization Smoke Alarms Without Full Disclosure?
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California’s Ionization Smoke Alarm Fraud Exposed:
Open Letters to Governor Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver & Oprah
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‘California City Adopts Photoelectric Only Alarms’
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CFI Reprint: ‘Case Studies, Forensic Evidence & Intelligence’ - April, 2011
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