New Zealand Safety Council (NZSC)
Smoke Alarm Report - July, 2008
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New Zealand Safety Council -- ‘Smoke Alarm Report’

July 2008

The New Zealand Safety Council’s report warns of the life-threatening danger of the ionization
type of smoke alarms installed in almost all New Zealand homes.

Supporting the banning of ionisation smoke alarms in New Zealand

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A Special Word of Thanks . . .

The World Fire Safety Foundation thanks Mr David Calvert,
Chief Executive Officer of the New Zealand Safety Council and all NZSC members for their tireless support and commitment to the helping spread the Foundation’s message over the past six years.

NZSC - Smoke Alarm Report
July 2008

That ALL residential accommodation be fitted with PHOTOELECTRIC
smoke alarms . . . Ionization smoke alarms may not operate in time to
occupants early enough to escape from smouldering fires.

The Australasian Fire & Emergency Services Authority Council’s (AFAC) official,
‘Position on Smoke Alarms in Residential Accommodation, 01 June, 2006  page 3, para 1

. . . a consortium of Australasian fire authorities, including New Zealand, has commissioned research into smoke alarms
      and the results are due to be released shortly.  We will adopt the findings as soon as they are available."

Dr Paula Beever, NZFS, National Director, Fire Risk Management, in response to a radio item by the NZSC warning about ionization smoke

alarms, 09 May, 2006. From the report, ‘New Zealand Fire Service - Saving Face or Saving Lives?’  25 May, 2006  page 6, para 8 & 9  

An Excerpt from the report: ‘New Zealand Fire Service - Saving Face or Saving Lives?’ 

An excerpt from AFAC’s 01 June, 2006 ‘Position on Smoke Alarms in Residential Accommodation’
 (Dr Paula Beever claimed the NZFS would adopt AFAC’s findings, “as soon as they are available”)

Australasian Fire and Emergency
Service Authorities Council

09 May, 2006

01 June, 2006

“Scientific tests conducted by the Building Research Association of New Zealand were aired nationally on New
Zealand TV in May 2006 and confirmed unequivocally that ionization smoke alarms are inherently dangerous
because they do not detect smouldering fires in time for occupants to safely escape.”

Adrian Butler & Karl Westwell, WFSF Co-Founders, from the World Fire Safety Foundation’s report,
‘Recommending Selling or Installing Ionization Smoke Alarms, A Criminal Act of Negligence?’,  22 Feb, 2007, page 4, para 3

22 February, 2007

An excerpt from the WFSF Report, February 2007,
‘Recommending Selling or Installing ionization Smoke Alarms, a Criminal Act of Negligence?’

David Calvert


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