Off Campus And At Risk
The World Fire Safety Foundation

Courteney Stuart, Senior Editor, The Hook, Charlottesville, VA, USA

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The Hook - Sept 09
FFFS - Cover Story

IAFC Report (1980)
warned against ionization  alarms and to only
install photoelectrics

Texas A&M Study (1995)
“Astronomically” greater chance of dying with
an ionization alarm

Courteney Stuart:
“I spoke to two Fathers who are  actually in Ohio how lost their daughters in
off- campus  fires  . . .  in one of those houses where I think three  students
died  . . .  it had 17 smoke  detectors!”

Coy Barefoot:
“Wait a minute - there was a house that burned  . . .  people died in the fire,
and this house had seventeen ionization detectors?”

The Hidden Fire Danger For Students

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Off-Campus & At Risk

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