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David Isaac, Standards Australia, Fire Protection Committee FP-002

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The untold true story behind two of the worst home fire tragedies in New Zealand and Australian history. A year after Colin Zonneveld lost five family members in Waihi, New Zealand, four children died in Tasmania.

Both families had working ionization smoke alarms and in each case two children that were sleeping over, died.

Discover the truth behind why hundreds of millions of homes around the world have smoke alarms fitted that fail to activate until “dangerously high” and “totally unacceptable” levels of smoke. Find out what you can do to properly protect your family from fire.

Runtime: 50 minutes

This film is the 57th revision  to the original ‘Aquarium Test’ film (June 2006),
which gives an overview with the problem with the ionization type smoke alarm installed in hundreds of millions of homes around the world.

Runtime: 11 minutes

The ‘10 Fire Myths’ films are designed to help people
overcome ten of the most common fire myths.

Runtime: average under one minute

This film features David Isaac, Standards Australia
FP-002 Committee member warning that the public
(and fire fighters) have been misled into believing
that ionization smoke alarms are safe and asking,

“Why haven’t we been told?”

Runtime: 9 minutes

World Fire Safety Foundation Films

These films have been designed to help the public, fire fighters and fire industry professionals gain a better understanding of fire safety in the home.

For information on customisation of any of these films for use by Fire Departments or companies marketing fire safety products - send us an email.

This film gives an overview of how US Government authorities have kept the
truth about the dangerously defective ionization type of smoke alarms, found
in hundreds of millions of homes around the world, from the public and our

Part 1: 1935 - 1977  |  Runtime: 9 minutes

Part 2: 1980 - 2010  | Runtime: 5 minutes

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Smoke Alarm Recall

(formerly ‘The Aquarium Test’)

Stop The Children Burning

Making Fire Safety Easy

Smoke Alarms - A Brief History

Ionization Smoke Alarms are DEADLY

“Why haven’t we been told?”

(formerly ‘The Wheels of Australian Bureaucracy’)

The 10 Fire Myths

Note: Major update due soon.

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A former full-time firefighter explains all you need to know about
smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and home evacuation plans.

Runtime: 27 minutes

Version 5.8  |  Updated: 07 July, 2011

Version 3.0  |  Updated: 23 May, 2011

Original ‘Aquarium Test’  Here > > >at.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0

Trailer & Full Version: Here > > >

Trailer & Full Version: Here > > >