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The World Fire Safety Foundation
Evidence - 2 of 3

‘The CAN Report’ -- ‘Recommending Selling or Installing Ionization Smoke
Alarms, a Criminal Act of Negligence?’

February, 2007
The Australian Building Codes Board is blocking, without just cause, a critical amended to Australian Smoke Alarm Standard which will allow Australian homes the same safe level of protection (i.e. with photoelectric technology) as Australia’s commercial buildings . . .

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‘Deadly Delay’  --  WTHR’s Investigative TV Series

April, 2007

Indiana’s State Fire Marshal
Warning about ionization alarms

‘Why the Toymaker got it Right and the Smoke Alarm Industry got it Wrong’
August, 2007

Karl Westwell, World Fire Safety Foundation co-founder, explores how America’s largest toymaker responded when
they discovered product safety problems – and how the smoke alarm industry dealt with ionization smoke alarms
. . .

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The CAN Report
Supporting Standard
Australia’s Corrected Standard

Mattel’s CEO Bob Eckert
“Nothing is more important than the safety and
well-being of children.”

“We have five million smoke detectors in this state, that are
  ionization smoke detectors, that may fail in the time of need."

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BRK’s Photoelectric-Specific Legislation
July, 2008

BRK is the world’s largest smoke alarm manufacturer, admits to the unacceptably high false
alarm problem with ionization smoke alarms.  . . .

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New Zealand Safety Council -- ‘Smoke Alarm Report’

June, 2008

“Ionization alarms were fitted in Freda’s unit previously by the NZ Fire Service . . . and of course they
  did not work! . . .
They have now re-fitted all adjacent pensioner units with new ionization alarms.”          

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International Association of Fire-Fighters -- Official Position

October, 2008

The International Association of Fire Fighters has 292,000 fire-fighters members throughout the USA and
Canada.  Their October 2008 Press release states:

                         “Using better smoke alarms will drastically reduce
                      the loss of life among citizens and FireFighters”

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Sheila Hackert et al v First Alert, Inc. and BRK Brands, Inc.

Summary Order

March, 2008

US Federal Court Judges declared that Mrs Hackert’s ionization smoke alarms were “defectively designed”
and their failure was “a legal cause of the deaths of William and Christine Hackert.”

Read the 355 written complaints . . .

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Sheila Hackert
“I just trusted
it would work.”

BRK- admits unacceptably high false alarm problem

USA’s Firefighters Union
Promoting photoelectrics

NZ Safety Council
Holding the NZ Fire
Service accountable

Tennessee’s Investigative TV Series -- ‘An Alarming Failure’ - Wins Emmy

January, 2009

Tennessee's ‘News Channel 5 Investigates’ team has won an Emmy Award for its ‘An Alarming Failure’ series
of investigative TV programs  . . .

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‘An Alarming Failure’
Wins Emmy Award

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Fire Protection Association of Australia

January, 2009

“Most ionisation alarms take longer to respond to smouldering fires and depending on the material may not
alarm until the fire bursts into flames . . .”

Ionization alarms may
not give time to escape

FACT SHEET:  ‘Smoke Alarms - Ionization or Photoelectric?’

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

International Smoke Alarm Legislation & Technology in Residential Structures

May, 2009

Problems with Combo
ion/photo Smoke Alarms

“Fleming, Butler and other fire protection authorities do NOT advocate
  the use of combination ionization/photoelectric smoke alarms . . .”

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The S.A.F.E. Report

“It’s Time To Warn
our Fire Fighters”

August, 2009 - Updated: 05 July, 2010

Australian Government scientific test data proving that standards testing of ionization smoke alarms around
the world is flawed. Australia holds the key to banning and recalling ionization smoke alarms globally . . .

Fathers For Fire Safety  --  Fire Chiefs Presentation

September, 2009

Fathers For Fire Safety’s (FFFS) Fire Chiefs Presentations revealing the truth about smoke alarms has been used in America, and is now available for Fire Chiefs and Fire Fighters around the world.

Fathers For Fire Safety

‘Fire Chiefs Presentation’

“It’s Time to Warn our Fire Fighters!”

The Defect in Smoke Alarms

“How do we get Ionization
Alarms off the Market?”

August, 2009 - Updated: 19 December, 2010

U.S. law firm, Taylor Martino writes about the defect in ionization smoke alarms and how victims can take action by asking a jury to hold manufacturers accountable:

“Underwriters Laboratories is, so to speak, “in bed”  with the smoke alarm manufacturers.”

The World Fire Safety

Foundation is non profit

Our Mission:
Stop The Children Burning

Scientific evidence, legal precedence and real-world,
firefighter testing provide unequivocal proof that
ionization smoke alarms have dangerous defects.

Is failing to warn adequately warn the public of this life-threatening danger a criminal act of negligence?*