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Doug & Dean’s In-Depth Research has Led to New
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Andrea Dennis, Kyle Raulin, Al Schlessman,
Erin DeMarco and Christine Wilson died at
Ohio State University at 4am on Palm Sunday, 2003
Julie Turnbull, Kate Welling and Steve Smith died
at Miami University at 4am on Palm Sunday, 2005
Andrea and
Dean Dennis

A Personal Message . . .

Why are People Dying in Fires
with Working Smoke Alarms?
Dean Dennis & Doug Turnbull
Fathers For Fire Safety, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Both our girls died of smoke inhalation
 in houses that  had a total of twenty
 working ionization smoke detectors.
Julie and
Doug Turnbull
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Thank you for taking the time to listen to our story.
We tell it in the hope it may save you from the needless pain and anguish our families have suffered since we lost our daughters.

In 2003, Andrea was one of five students who died on Palm Sunday at 4:00am in an off campus fire at Ohio State University.  Two years later, Julie was one of three students that died in a campus fire at Miami University, Ohio.  Shockingly, it also happened on Palm Sunday at 4am.  Both our girls died of smoke inhalation in houses that had more than twenty ionization smoke detectors.

The smoke detectors were all working expect for a few at the Ohio State fire.  A fire official stated that the few, not working, had been disabled due to nuisance alarm problems.  We later learned this is only one of the common problems associated with ionization alarms.  You probably have ionization alarms in your house.

Doug and I met when I attended the service for Julie.  My wife Patty and I knew only too well the road Doug and Linda were about to travel.  We could not ignore the tragic coincidences of the fires.  Andrea and Julie’s death bought our two families together.  We started researching smoke detectors when Chief Jay Fleming from the Boston Fire Department approached us with the thought that photoelectric detectors would probably have saved our girls.  We had no idea that there were two types of smoke detectors.

We came to believe that Chief Fleming’s information was right, but only after having spent years doing our own in-depth research.  We came to understand why after decades of misinformation, many fire agencies can't connect the obvious dots. We now provide the pen and connect the dots for them.  We put a face to the statistics and ask,

"Now you know the facts, what are you going to do?"

We will not stop until agencies and companies start acting responsibly and laws are passed throughout the USA and overseas that mandate photoelectric smoke alarms in homes everywhere.

We do this for Andrea and Julie, we also do it for your children and loved ones.
...with these slides
Fathers of Fire Victims come Together
to Push for Photoelectric Smoke Detectors
20 Feb, 2011 - Ohio, USA

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Are You Using the Right Smoke Detector?
“If fire officials had really understood..
the difference between the two..
technologies, like they’re starting to..
learn now, there’s a good chance..
our kids would be alive today.”
“My daughter Julie died in a
 house that had 17 ionization
 smoke detectors - and by the
 time the very first one went
 off - three kids had died.”
“The smoke detector may..
not be going off - the..
ionization - because it’s not.
picking up the particulates..
in the smoke right away.”
Dean Dennis M.Ed, B.A., CISM

Doug Turnbull

Chief (BJ) Jetter PhD

Senator Bill Seitz
“The Dads (Dean Dennis & Doug Turnbull)  are now working
with Cincinnati State
 Senator Bill Seitz to
pass a state law.”

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Dean & Doug