Why the Toymaker got it Right and
the Smoke Alarm Industry got it Wrong
The World Fire Safety Foundation
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Why the Toymaker got it Right and the Smoke Alarm Industry got it Wrong

August, 2007

Karl Westwell, World Fire Safety Foundation CEO and Co-founder, explores three critical differences between how America’s largest toymaker responded when they discovered product safety problems – and how the smoke alarm industry dealt with the life-threatening limitations of ionization smoke alarms.

Mattel sells toys and the smoke alarm industry sells safety, however, as this article shows, Mattel took safety much more seriously.  Read how it is not just smoke alarm manufacturers that have been slow to react, but also Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) – the very organization that is meant to embody the ideals of consumer product safety.

Since this article was released, we are happy to announce that BRK Brands, the world's largest smoke alarm manufacturer, and the makers of First Alert, has come out in support of photoelectric-only legislation.  Sadly, despite repeated promises, UL has still yet to change its woefully inadequate standard.  (Apparently, the smoke alarm test chambers and UL's promises have something in common.  They are both full of hot air. – Karl)

Karl Westwell
W.F.S.F. Co-Founder

Bob Eckert - Mattel CEO
“Nothing is more important than the safety and
well-being of children.”

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Why The Toymaker
Got It Right

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