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The World Fire Safety Foundation
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The Hook’s Alarming Exposé

January, 2010

The Hook’s ionization smoke alarm exposé commenced in early 2008 . . .

The Hook’s
Alarming Exposéhookalarming.html

Volunteer Fire Fighters Association Australia

October, 2009

It has been alleged that tens of thousands of needless fire deaths have occurred over the past four decades.  Thankfully the fact that ionization smoke alarms are dangerously defective is finally beginning to be revealed.

Fire Fighters have not been told the truth

“It almost sounds like a joke that the popular type of smoke detector doesn’t detect smoke,

  but it’s no laughing matter to the people who die or suffer serious injuries every year because

  the relied on an ionization smoke detector.”

Courteney Stuart, Senior Editor, from ‘ALARMING - Most Smoke Detectors Don’t Detect Deadly Smoke’, Oct 2008

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Page 1: October, 2009  ~  November, 2011

The Colerain Township & Fire Department Letters

January, 2010

The Colerain Township and Fire Department’s letters warn about ionization smoke alarms . . .


The Colerain Letters
Warning the Publichookalarming.html

Studies have shown that Ionization Smoke Detectors have a failure rate over 55% of the time in smoldering fires.  Studies have also shown a high fatality rate related to smoldering fires which are the most common type fire . . .

CBS Atlanta - “Deadly Smoke Detectors” Exposé

February, 2010

“Deadly Smoke Detectors”
CBS Atlanta’s ‘Tough Questions’ exposécbs.html

“If you think the smoke detector you have in your home will save your life if there’s a fire, you could be
  deadly wrong.  Firefighters say almost one out of every two people who die in a house fire die when
  there’s a working smoke detector in the home.”

Jennifer Mayerle, CBS Emmy Award-winning, Atlanta Journalist’s ‘Deadly Smoke Detectors’ Exposé, Feb 2010

The World Fire Safety

Foundation is non profit

Our Mission:
Stop The Children Burning

Australian Building Codes Board - “Open Debate An Essential Right”

April, 2010

Standards Australia’s acknowledgement of flawed testing of ionization smoke alarms is based on empirical scientific
evidence held by the Australian Government’s CSIRO and points to Scientific Misconduct having been committed in
relation to the standard’s testing of ionization smoke alarms globally . . .

Australian Evidence
of flawed Global Standards

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Choice Australia:  Smoke Alarms - What to look for

March, 2010

“The photoelectric alarm will detect that situation almost always far, far sooner than an ionization
  alarm will, and that’s why it’s really important that you have photoelectric alarms in your house.”

Smoke Alarms - What to Look For

Chris Barnes, CHOICE Australia Household Product Specialist, March, 2010  

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Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP -- Proposed Class Action Law Suit
April, 2010

HBSS’s proposed class action suit against the world’s largest ionization smoke alarm manufacturers states:

”Defendant’s’ conduct described herein constitutes prohibited practices, unfair, deceptive and
  unconscionable conduct under the unfair and deceptive trade practices acts of 32 sates . . .”

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HBSS Proposed Class Action
Alleged misrepresentations by
world’s largest smoke alarm manufacturers

The Combo Con
Why the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) Said “No”
to Combination Ionization/Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

August, 2010

The International Association of Fire Chiefs explained the reasons against combination ionization/photoelectric

smoke alarms in their official ‘Residential Smoke Alarm Report of September 1980 . . .

Are Combo Ion/Photo
Alarms are Con?
“I think what we need to tell people is pretty simple.
 Do you want to live or die?  And if you want to live,
 and you want to get out in time, then buy a photoelectric detector.”

Smoke Detector Seminar - University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
June, 2010

What Type of Smoke Alarms Should Fire Departments Recommend to the Public?
William (BJ) Jetter, PhD, MIFireE,CFO, OFE, CHSIII, Fire Chief
Sycamore Township EMs & Fire Department, Ohio, USA
“What this whole seminar is aimed at is what type of smoke alarms should Fire
 Departments recomend to the public.  What should Fire Departments do about this now?”
Larry Bennett Esq, Program Chair, Fire Sceience Department & Emergency Management, Fire Fighter and Author

Why are the Public, Fire Fighters and Fire Industry
Personnel STILL Not being Told the Truth about Smoke Alarms?

October, 2010

Australia’s acknowledgement of flawed Standards testing exposes the global
ionization smoke alarm scandal and is key to to saving thousands of lives

Adrian Butler, Chairman, The World Fire Safety Foundation
Queensland, Australia, October, 2010
Why are Authorities STILL Failing to Warn the Public?

Californian Governor’s Open Letters

Open letters to Governor Jerry Brown and former Governor Schwarzenegger

July, 2011

Will Governor Brown rectify the Californian State Fire Marshal’s ‘Seal of Approval’ required on
ionization smoke alarms, and warn the public, before more people are needlessly maimed or killed?

The State Fire Marshal’s Mandatory ‘Seal of Approval’

World Fire Safety Foundation’s ‘Deadly Smoke Alarms Tour’

Australian & New Zealand Tour exposing flawed Ionization smoke Alarms

May, 2011

Californian Fire Chief Marc McGinn and World Fire Safety Foundation's Chairman Adrian Butler’s

tour exposing the deadly defects with ionization smoke alarms.

US Fire Chief Marc McGinn warning
Australians about ionization alarms

Californian Legislative Assembly Resolution

Admission by Californian Government that ionization alarms are NOT smoke alarms

April, 2011

The Californian Government’s resolution presented to retiring Fire Chief Marc McGinn admitting ionization alarms are a flame and NOT a smoke detector

California’s admission
about ionization alarms

Scientific evidence, legal precedence and real-world,
firefighter testing provide unequivocal proof that
ionization smoke alarms have dangerous defects.

Is failing to warn adequately warn the public of this life-threatening danger a criminal act of negligence?*

California Real Estate Inspection Association

Official Position on Ionization Smoke Alarms

August, 2011

“CREIA just officially took a position . . . to change the building codes
 to ban these ionization alarms because they are just flat out dangerous.”
Working to ban
ionization smoke alarms

Not All Smoke Detectors Are Alike

Tests show smoke smoke detectors don’t perform as well in slow smoldering fires

November, 2011

"When the ionization started sounding, you could not see to get out of your home."
Kimberly King investigates the difference between ionization and photoelectric alarms