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The Defect in Smoke Alarms
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The Defect in Smoke Alarms
July, 2009 - Updated: 19 December, 2010

The Defect in Smoke Alarms

‘The Defect in Smoke Alarms’ report by Richard Taylor states:

“One of the best theories of recovery against a smoke alarm manufacturer
  is failure to warn.  It can be easily proven that the smoke alarm manufacturer
  knows that the ionization smoke alarm has a history of failure and defect.”

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“How do we get ionization smoke alarms off the market? At least three states
  have ‘outlawed’ ionization only smoke alarms in new construction.”
“The manufacturer knows the ionization alarm has a 15-30 minute delay in
  sounding when compared to the photoelectric. However, this is not revealed.”
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“Underwriters Laboratories is, so to speak, “in bed”
  with the smoke alarm manufacturers.”

Richard Taylor, Senior Partner, Taylor Martino, Mobile, Alabama, USA.

‘The Defect in Smoke Alarms’, August, 2009, page 4, para 4

Richard Taylor

Senior Partner

Taylor Martino