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An Interview With David Isaac
(NSW, Australia.  August 2006)
“The public should be warned about ionization smoke alarms”
Ionization and Photoelectric Alarms
Technical and Regulatory Considerations

David Isaac, Standards Australia, Fire Protection Committee - FP002
Smoke Alarm Legislation

“If a proper smoke detector had been installed,

Duke Williams would still be alive.”

Richard Taylor says that by filing a lawsuit and forcing
companies to make change, hopefully no other father
will have to hear their son’s painful final words.

There’s nothing on the front.

There’s no warning that says,

Richard Taylor, Taylor Martino, Zarzaur, p.c.
“Warning this smoke detector
  may not sound in the
  presence of smoke.”
Williams v Kidde Inc.
“If a manufacturer lies to you and says that your home is safe,
 then it should have to pay for and damage that results.”

The S.A.F.E. Report

No Warning

Smoke Detector Injuries

In 1980 the International Association of Fire Chiefs Residential Smoke Alarm Report

warned that ionization type of smoke alarms were defective and for Fire Chiefs to

only recommend photoelectric smoke alarms.

Five years later, ‘Lawyers Alert’ wrote about the “Big Sleeper” . . .

Ed Swartz, Swartz and Swartz, Boston, MA, USA.  ‘Lawyers Alert’ 1985

“Defective smoke alarms may be the biggest sleeper consumer issue of the next  decade

. . . the vast majority of detectors being sold to the average consumer very  often don’t

work.  . . . if a manufacturer lies to you and says that your home is safe,  then it should

have to pay for any damages that results."

Why are manufacturers failing
to disclose vital safety information

requested in The KEY Report’s

‘Smoke Alarm Disclosure’ letters?

‘When the Smoke
Alarm Fails’

Published: July 6, 2009
Tags: Negligence

The negligence of fire victims who left a burning candle unattended did not necessarily supersede
the negligence of a smoke detector manufacturer, Maryland's highest court has ruled. A couple
was killed and their children were seriously injured in a fire that occurred in a rented house . . .

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Smoke detector manufacturer may be liable

     Dean Dennis and Doug Turnbull lost their daughters in college campus fires.  Dennis said, “Changing laws so that ionizations are labeled
unsuitable for residential use is a start.”  He also said “The other way, is to create liability -- as the Australia-based World Fire Safety Foundation
did by providing tenants with country-specific letters to notify their landlords that the smoke detectors in their properties are inadequate.”
     "If you put people on notice that there's a problem, and they ignore it, now they're liable. If you had an airbag in your car and the same type
of statistics, it would be an outrage. Why are people dying in house fires when their smoke detectors have batteries?"

‘The Hook’

Cover Story
Father’s For
Fire Safety

Read the ‘Father’s For Fire Safety’  Story

Hear the Podcast

Extract from, ‘Off-campus and at risk: The Hidden Fire Danger for Students’, The Hook, Charlottesville VA, USA Sept, 2009

“If you put people on notice that there's a problem, and they ignore it, now they're liable . . .”
Dean Dennis, ‘Fathers For Fire Safety’, commenting on the World Fire Safety Foundation’s ‘Home Owner Letters’

“Every single family in America, if they have a smoke detector, in their house, they’re affected by this. The proof showed that sometimes the ionization detectors would’t even go off at all, and yet they continue to manufacture them, continue to sell them, continue to stand by them.”

Jim Hacker, Hacker & Murphy LLP
discussing the Hackert v BRK case

during ‘Deadly Delay’ investigation

Jim Hacker, Hacker & Murphy LLP
Shelia Hackert v First Alert & BRK Brands Inc.

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“This could be a major.

case that could.

make millions of.

Americans safer.”

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