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CBS - Deadly Smoke Detectors Exposé
 October, 2009  ~  October, 2010
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CBS ‘Deadly Smoke

Detectors’ Exposé

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Ver 2.7 - 13 June, 2011

Jennifer Mayerle

Award-winning Journalist

Why has CBS declared the smoke alarms in almost all US homes to be “deadly”?

“Atlanta Fire Department Chief takes.
the position of the United States Fire.
Administration - that one type is.
not superior over the  other.”
The Atlanta Fire Department’s (AFD) stand is putting lives at risk.
The AFD has a Duty of Care to warn about ionization alarms dangerous defects.
Who is More Committed to Exposing the Truth and Saving Lives:
the United States Fire Administration, the Atlanta Fire Department or CBS?
Proposed Class Action

The Atlanta Fire Department is promoting First Alert smoke alarms.  First Alert Inc is one of four defendants in a proposed national class action lawsuit which states:

page 5

“If we would switch to photoelectric technology
 . . . we  could reduce fire deaths in  this country
 easily by a third and that would account to
 about a thousand people.”

Deputy Chief Jay Fleming
Boston Fire Department, MA, USA

page 13
“Deadly Smoke Detectors”
Exposé Spreading
“Deadly Smoke Detectors” Exposé
spreading throughout California
"Defendants’ conduct described herein constitutes prohibited practices, unfair, deceptive and unconscionable conduct under
the unfair and deceptive trade practices acts of 32 states . . .”

“ionization-only smoke detectors . . .
are slow to warn, if they warn at all
of smoldering fires which typically
occur while occupants are sleeping.”

1. Do Fire Departments and City Councils have a Duty of Care to warn consumers about the dangerous defects of ionization detectors?

2. Are Fire Departments being used by manufacturers to legitimise ionization and combination ionization/photoelectric smoke detectors by giving them to the public for free?


“Atlanta News conducted a four-month-long
 tough questions investigation that found one
 type of smoke detector is far superior than
 another, and having the right smoke detector
 can make all the difference.”

page 15

Dean Dennis & Doug Turnbull

Fathers For Fire Safety, Ohio

“The couch smoldered for hours, it filled the
 house up with smoke.  By the time the first
 one went off, the three kids were already
 dead . . . 17 smoke detectors wasn’t enough
 to save those three kids.”

page 16

Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran
Former head of the USFA

“Massachusetts and Vermont have changed their laws to require a photoelectric smoke detector
and this summer the Albany Fire Department in California changed their Ordnance to require
only photoelectric detectors. . .

. . . they even put the name of one
of our stories on their trucks,
Replace YOUR
“Deadly Smoke Detectors”

to warn people about the ionization detector.”

Photoelectric Technology Mandatory
in Several US States

page 16

What is more important - Saving Face or Saving Lives?
Jennifer Mayerle, CBS: “One  type of smoke detector is far superior.”
Chief Kevin Cochran, Atlanta Fire Department: “One  type is not superior.”
Deadly Smoke Detectors Exposé
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