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The World Fire Safety Foundation
Smoke Alarm Disclosure Letter

Discover the Truth About the “DEADLY” Ionization Smoke Alarms in YOUR home!

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For over two years the Foundation has requested disclosure of critical test data about ionization smoke alarms held by Australian manufacturers and suppliers.

It is believed this data, supplied to all manufacturers in accordance with the Australian testing standard, is the empirical scientific evidence needed to help eliminate ionization smoke alarms from all homes globally.

Because manufacturers have failed to respond, the Foundation has designed a system to send and track ‘Smoke Alarm Disclosure Letters’ on behalf of home owners or tenants - at no cost.

By sending your ‘Disclosure Letters’ you can help solve this problem globally and save thousands of needless deaths and injuries every year.legislation_cal1.htmllegislation_cal1.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0shapeimage_6_link_1
All Disclosure Letter data has
been extracted from the Australian
Government’s, CSIRO website:
The Smoke Alarm Disclosure Letters
The Key to Eliminating Ionization Smoke Alarms from all Homes Globally

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