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California Legislature Assembly Resolution   07 April, 2011
Marc McGinn, Former Fire Chief, Albany, CA, USA
Fire Chief Marc McGinn’s
California Legislature Assembly Resolution

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Californian is the only American state requiring the State Fire Marshal’s  ‘seal of approval’ to be placed on ionization ‘smoke’ alarms sold within the state.

However, the Californian Government’s Resolution (see below) contains a stunning  admission - that ionization detectors are NOT smoke detectors:
“Whereas, Renowned throughout the nation
 for his advocacy of photoelectric detectors,
 Chief Marc McGinn worked tirelessly over
 the course of his career to outlaw the use
 of ionization smoke detectors which are
 flame detectors and not smoke
 detectors. . .”
Discover how these Governors were deceived with the State Fire
Marshal’s mandatory ‘Seal of Approval’ on the “deadly” ionization smoke alarms in most Californian
Will Governor Brown rectify the State Fire Marshal’s mandatory ‘Seal of Approval’ on Defective Ionization Alarms?
Jerry Brown
Letter to Governor Deukmejian, 14 August, 1990  (page 22)
“The Government has an obligation to tell the public the truth
  when not knowing the truth will result in unnecessary deaths.”
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“. . . any of the currently available listed
       smoke alarm technologies provide
       an acceptable level of protection . . .”

California State Fire Marshal’s Smoke Alarm Task Force Report Report August, 2011
clause 10, page 22 (full report here)

Is the Californian State Fire Marshal Failing in Her Duty of Care to Warn Californians about the Deadly Defects inherent in allIonization Smoke Alarms?
California Legislature Assembly Resolution
Presented to Chief Marc McGinn, 07 April, 2011marcmcginn.htmlshapeimage_30_link_0
California Legislature
Assembly Resolution
07 April, 2011
     After presenting him with the Resolution, the Californian Government asked Chief McGinn not to make it public “for political reasons”. 
  However, Chief McGinn presented the Resolution to the World Fire Safety Foundation in May 2011 during his ‘Deadly Smoke Alarms’ tour of Australia & New Zealand.
    The Foundation believes it is in the public interest to make this information available to all American citizens.tourstory.htmlshapeimage_32_link_0
Chief McGinn presenting the WFSF
Co-Founders with his Californian Resolution