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DEADLY Ionization Smoke Alarms Exposé
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Vermont, USA

Fire Brigades Official Position
     On 01 June, 2006 after extensive research, the Official Position Statement on residential smoke alarms was published.  The position has allegedly been adopted by all Australian and New Zealand Fire Brigades.  The statement warned that the ionization type of smoke alarms in almost all Australian & New Zealand homes,  “...may not operate in time to alert occupants early enough to escape from smouldering fires”, and,“That all residential accommodation be fitted with photoelectric smoke alarms.”

The Tour
   Tragically most Australian and New Zealander homes are still fitted with ionization alarms and most members of the public (and fire fighters) are unaware of the Fire Brigades official position.
     From 02 - 16 May, 2011, retired US Fire Chief Marc McGinn, and Adrian Butler, Chairman of the World Fire Safety Foundation meet with fire brigades, politicians and the media in an attempt to expose the truth about the ‘deadly’ ionization smoke alarms found in almost all Australian and New Zealand homes.
Tour Highlights
     The following are some of the highlights of the tour:afac.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0
03 May, 2011  |  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
South Burnett Times  |  South Burnett, QLD
Adrian Butler
Chairman, Co-Founder
World Fire Safety Foundation
Queenslanders are being asked to help expose the truth about ionization smoke alarms by requesting vital information smoke alarm manufacturers have so far refused to disclose.
Chief McGinn & the Honourable Niall Blair MP, former
fire fighter and Member of the NSW legislative Council,
Parliament House, Sydney, NSW.
Chief McGinn & Adrian Butler after touring Sydney’s downtown Fire Station.
Chief McGinn & the Hon Niall Blair MP
Downtown Sydney Fire Station Tour
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Channel 10 News Story aired 03 May, 2011
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15 Feb, 2011  |  South Burnett, Queensland, Australia
‘Defective Alarms Put Lives at Risk’
Before the Tour . . .
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