The Combo Con
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Combination Ionization/Photoelectric Smoke Alarms
Why The International Association of FIre Chiefs Said “No.”
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Why the International Association of Fire Chiefs
Said “No.”

September, 1980
The International Association of Fire Chief’s (IAFC)
‘Residential Smoke Alarm Report’:

“Therefore, because of the present state-of-the art in detecting smoke, the
Subcommittee on Smoke Detection can take no other course but to recommend
the installation of photoelectric detectors. . .

What about the use of a combination photoelectric/ionization detector? . . .
What is to be gained from adding an ionization element to a photoelectric element?

In the subcommittees opinion, nothing.”

- Why weren’t fire fighters and the public warned about ionization smoke alarms?
- Why have campaigners been ignored for 34 years, since the 1976, ‘Smoke
  Detector Fraud Report’, despite decades of trying to reveal the truth?
- What have NIST, UL, the NFPA and the CPSC failed to warn the public,
  when they had documentary evidence proving beyond all reasonable
  doubt that ionization smoke alarms have dangerous defects?
Why Haven’t We Been Told?
“Is it possible that the recommendation
 for dual or for both is maybe a
 compromise to transition away from
 ionization detectors?”
“I can tell you right now the International.
Association of Fire Chiefs played the middle.
of the road with the dual detector . . ..
they know better than what they promoted.”
Smoke Detector Seminar
College of Engineering
& Applied Sciences
Chief  W Jetter, PhD

Capt. Clayton James
Read ‘The Combo Con’ document below . . .
Captain Clayton L. James
Newport Fire Department, Kentucky, USA
Fire Chiefs Round Table Discussion:
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‘Why America Is Burning’
The history of how the truth about “deadly” ionization smoke alarms has been kept from fire officials and the global public for over three decades resulting in tens of thousands of needless deaths around the world.

by Richard M Patton,
Fire Protection Engineer, Sacramento, USA