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Darren Curtis
Prime-Time, National Australian TV
08 June, 2011
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Are YOUR Smoke Alarms Defective?

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Darren Curtis, Channel 9 News

QLD, Australia. May, 2011
(see ‘Ionization Smoke Alarms.

are DEADLY’ trailer below)

Why is the Queensland Fire & Rescue Service sending a brochure to
all Queensland homes urging a change to photoelectric smoke alarms?

Why is the Northern Territory mandating photoelectric smoke alarms in all
homes and moveable dwellings from 01 November, 2011?

Why have new commercial buildings in Australia been required to install
photoelectric smoke alarms in all sleeping areas and exit paths since 2004?
(see ‘Ionization Smoke Alarms are DEADLY’ film below)

Why have ionization smoke alarms been sold when they have failed the Australian Standard’s test for visible smoke since 1993? (see films below)qfrspromo.html
Chief Marc McGinn warning about the deadly
defects found in the ionization type* of smoke
alarm in most homes around the world.
*whether new or old, battery or hard-wired.
Has Scientific Misconduct been committed with the Californian
State Fire Marshal’s Smoke Alarm Task Force Report?legislation_cal2.htmlshapeimage_14_link_0
21 Aug, 2011 Sacramento, California, USA
22 September, 2011 Northern Territory, Australia
Northern Territory: Mandatory photoelectric-specific smoke alarm legislation due 01 Nov, 2011
Queensland & Northern Territory, Australia
Australian Fire Brigades Make a Stand
California, USA
State Fire Marshal Fails to Make a Stand
Queensland Fire & Rescue Service: Writing to all residents urging a change to photoelectric alarms.qfrspromo.htmlshapeimage_20_link_0
03 October, 2011 Queensland, Australia
“. . .the ionization alarms have failed.
Australian Standards since 1993.”’s about banning
the Ionization technology

and only having the
Photoelectric technology.”

”Ionization smoke alarms may not operate in time to alert
  occupants early enough to escape from smouldering fires.”afac.htmlshapeimage_24_link_0
Chief Marc McGinn
Albany Fire Department, California, USA
Protect YOUR Family from Fire
Install Photoelectric Smoke Alarms in YOUR Home
Want to know more?  Watch both 59 second trailers . . .
California Real Estate Inspectors Association wants to ban ionization alarms . . . “they are just flat out dangerous.”creia.htmlshapeimage_27_link_0
23 Sept, 2011 San Hose, California, USA
There are two completely different types of smoke alarms:

 The Ionization type are in almost every home.
 The Photoelectric type are in almost every commercial building.

Latest News
”That all residential accommodation be fitted with
  Photoelectric Smoke Alarms.”
The Official Position of ALL Australian & New Zealand Fire Brigades:afac.htmlshapeimage_38_link_0