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The Australian documentary
inspired by ‘Silent Alarms’

  1. (especially if you have children or grandchildren)

“What is the Best Protection?
The best protection is a complete automatic detection system consisting of various types of detectors throughout the building.  It should consist primarily of multiple smoke detectors augmented by reliable heat detectors . . . The subcommittee firmly believes that fire chiefs, as responsible, knowledgeable public safety officials, must recommend complete protection. What other choice do they have?

Is there a Middle Ground for Protection?
Start with the best and most desirable, a complete system, and slowly and intelligently let the citizen remove detectors and related equipment in the least likely areas of fire origin until the affordable level of investment is reached. 

This is not easy, but by proceeding in this manner, when the citizens remove detectors, they then are aware that they are removing protection right up to the point where they bring their detection down to one smoke detector.  Then the citizens should know, without a shadow of a doubt, that they have the least protection that money can buy.  There is nothing less!  Then let them be aware that if they install the single smoke detector in the hallway outside their bedroom, close the door and go to bed, they have virtually no protection if the fire starts in their bedroom.”
International Assn of Fire Chiefs
Residential Smoke Alarm Report
One Of The Most Profound, And Informative Fire Safety
Reports For Fire Chiefs (and home owners) Ever Written
After the film, answer these questions . . .
a) Do I have the right type of fire alarms?
b) Do I have the right number of fire alarms?
c) Are they in the right locations?
d) Are they interconnected?

David Isaac
Standards Australia
Committee FP2

“There is more to it than just changing your smoke
  alarms to photoelectric.

You need all the facts to properly protect your family
from fire.”

 How To Properly Protect Your Family From Fire

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David Isaac, Standards Australia Committee FP2
from the film, Smoke Alarm Recall

You Need All The Facts”

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Stop The Children Burning

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Stop The Children Burning

How To Properly Protect Your Family From Fire
 Stop The Children Burning