Embedding Foundation Films
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How to Embed Foundation Films on YOUR Website

Many Fire safety organisations, fire departments and companies marketing fire-safety and security type products embed our films on their websites.  Here’s how:

Click here > > >  or click on the You Tube logo for the html embed code:


Click on the embed code and copy it,


customise the code to adjust the size of the film, border colour etc


Insert the code on your websites pages/s where you want the film to appear and upload to the web.

Embedding Foundation Films

Go to You Tube or Vimeo (instructions similar for Vimeo).

Get the html code

Add the code to your site

The Foundation emails the ‘Webmaster List’ every time we update the film so you can get the updated embed code.  To ensure
people only watch the latest version, old versions are left live for 3 days (72 hours) before being deleted.   If you do not update
your embed code, after 72 hours a message will appear where the video used to play saying, “This video is no longer available”

To be put on the Webmaster Notification List, click Here > > >

YouTube automatically assigns each new version a new URL, new embedding code and deletes all statistical data such as number of views, ratings and comments etc for the old version.

Get on the webMaster notification list


Share on Facebook

Are you on Facebook?  Here is the URL for ‘Smoke Alarm Recall’:


At the end of the film, Click the ‘Share’ button and embed the film on your wall - Your friends will appreciate your efforts - thanks!


For commercial use - Check out our Fire Myths!

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