Most Smoke Detectors Don’t Detect Deadly Smoke
The World Fire Safety Foundation
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“Ionization detectors aren’t smoke
  detectors, they’re fire detectors.”

“We’ve given these things out for 20
  years and the Chief is embarrassed.”

The Hook’s smoke detector test used two of each type of
detector - ionization, photoelectric, and combination.  One of
each was affixed to the ceiling inside the room where the fire
was set; another set of three was attached to the ceiling immediately outside a doorless opening inside the burn center.

A soldering iron is inserted between couch cushions to
ignite a smoldering fire.
A thin plume of smoke
snakes toward the ceiling.
Both photoelectric detectors
sound; three minutes later,
the combination alarms go off.
Nearly two hours after the smoldering fire was set - and more than an hour after the building’s carbon monoxide detectors sounded - the ionization detectors remain silent.





Inside Carter’s gutted apartment that was

fitted with two, hard-wired, functioning ionization detectors.


  Fleming says he frequently hears firefighters say:



Chief Fleming’s ‘Real-World’ Tests

In Washington Post’s award winning story ‘How Safe are Products Bearing the UL Mark?’ (Dec 1999), Chief Fleming said that whilst ionization smoke alarms may activate in UL’s labs they often fail to activate in ‘real world’ fires . . .



“It is truly alarming … It is so stunning and so horrifying and it’s
 so.hard to believe that it’s something that people just don’t know.”
  Courteney Stuart, Senior Editor, The Hook, Charlotesville, VA, USA.  10 July, 2008
“We are talking about people who.
are dying and don’t need to be dying”
Coy Barefoot - Charlottesville Podcasting Network
ALARMING - Most Smoke Detectors
Don’t Detect Deadly Smoke
It almost sounds like a joke, that the most popular type of
smoke detector doesn’t detect smoke, but it’s no laughing
matter to the people who die or suffer serious injuries every
year because they relied on an ionization smoke detector.

ALARMING Most Smoke Detectors

Don’t Detect Deadly Smoke

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 Courteney Stuart

Chief Jay Fleming
Boston Fire Department  

Chief Jay Fleming
Boston Fire Department 

Chief Jay Fleming
Boston Fire Department 

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ALARMING - Most Smoke Detectors Don’t Detect

Deadly Smoke

 Coy Barefoot

Cover Story - Smouldering Truth:

Ashley Mauter’s fight and a shocking
fact about smoke detectors

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Published April 17, 2008
A year after a fatal blaze on Lewis Mountain Road killed a young man and critically injured his girlfriend, the fire's other survivor has dropped a bombshell. Contrary to news reports immediately following the blaze, the man insists that a smoke detector in his apartment was working that night and awakened him-- it just didn't awaken him in time to give his sleeping friends enough time to escape. This new information contradicts the conventional wisdom that a working smoke detector could have saved everyone, and one fire official has a theory why . . .

Ashley Mauter, the surviving
Lewis Mountain Road victim,
knows the terror and pain of

a fire all too well.

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