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“Americans are using inadequate and
  unsafe [ionization] smoke detectors...”

From Senator Kerry’s letter to the Consumer Product
Safety Commission.  Massachusetts, USA.  June 2008

“That fire and those kids and that mom have

really been the driving force behind this.”

DC Russell Ashe, on the fire that killed four children and their
Mother in a home fitted with three working ionization alarms.

‘A Burning issue for Fire-fighters’, WCAX, Vermont, USA.  Jan 2008

“Nationally the percentage of people
dying when the [ionization] smoke
detector works, but works too late, is 40%.”

Chief Jay Fleming, Boston Fire Department
WBX TV, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.  Dec 2007

“We have five million ionization smoke  detectors
  in this state that may fail in the  time of need.”

State Fire Marshal Roger Johnson, Indiana State Fire
Chiefs Convention, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.  Sept 2007

Aus/New Zealand Fire Brigades
Official Position on
smoke Alarms
- June 2006

. . . new legislation mandating photoelectric smoke alarms:


“That all residential accommodation be

fitted with photoelectric smoke alarms.”

Australasian Fire Authority Council’s (AFAC) official

position on Smoke alarms  (June 2006, clause 3.0)

David Isaac

Standards Australia smoke

alarm committee member

“We’ve got outdated [ionization]
  technology that does not work.”

Mike Turner, State Regulator, fighting to ban
ionization alarms. Tennessee, USA.  March 2008

“Fire-fighters haven't been told the truth.
  Watch the 'Smoke Alarm Recall' film and see
  the facts about ionization alarms for yourself.”

Peter Cannon, President, Volunteer Fire Fighters Association, after watching 'Smoke Alarm Recall',  August 2008

“It turns out the vast majority of us have the
  wrong type of smoke alarms fitted in our homes”

Tracy Grimshaw, when the Foundation's Aquarium Test and AFAC's
position were made public on national Australian TV, June 2006

“Ionization smoke alarms are dangerous because
they lull people into a false sense of security when
cooking toast but often fail in smouldering fires”

David Isaac after Standard's Australia discovered the flawed testing
of ionization alarm's in Australia's Smoke Alarm Standard (AS3786)

Tracy Grimshaw,

Peter Cannon

Urging fire-fighters

to find out the facts

Tracy Grimshaw

Warning Australians

about ionization alarms

“It is truly alarming … It is so stunning and so horrifying and it’s so hard to believe that it’s something that people just don’t know.”

Courteney Stuart, Senior Editor, The Hook
Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. July 2008

Positive Progress in the United States
Positive Progress in Australia & New Zealand . . .

. . . however, new legislation mandating photoelectric smoke alarms:


To: All Australian & New Zealand FireFighters
Re: What’s happening down under and how YOU can help.


Revealing the horrifying truth

Mike Turner

Says ionization smoke
alarms should be banned

Deputy Chief Russell Ashe

Inspired Vermont’s new

smoke alarm legislation

State Fire Marshal Johnson

Warning Ionization

smoke alarms are not safe

Chief jay Fleming

Blowing the whistle
on ionization alarms

Senator John Kerry

Saying Americans
are not safe

Fire Fighters - Australia & New Zealand

Chief Fleming:  Here

U.S.:  Here

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Peter Cannon - VFFA President

Warning FireFighters about

ionization smoke alarms

FireFighters haven't been told the truth.
Watch 'Smoke Alarm Recall'  and see the
facts about ionization alarms for yourself.home.htmlshapeimage_28_link_0

Peter Cannon, President, VFFA, NSW Australia,

after watching 'Smoke Alarm Recall'  August, 2008