Albany Makes A Stand
Albany, California, USA
The World Fire Safety Foundation
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“After reviewing all the facts on The World Fire
 Safety Foundation’s website, fire officials will
 realize they have a duty of care to publicly
 denounce ionization, so-called ‘smoke’ alarms.
Marc McGinn, Fire Professional 32 years, Albany
Fire Chief 17 years, California, USA  01 July, 2010
Chief McGinn
James Sanders & Brett Schlueter
Fire Chief’s Message
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15 August, 2010 Front Page Story Here > > >

Marge Atkinson
Council Member

Joanne Wile
"Who even knows there are two kinds of alarms? . . . We all..
  came to the same conclusion after hearing everything.”
"This is the most important safety issue our City Council
  has addressed and I am hoping representatives
  of cities across the state will follow our example."
extract San Francisco Chronicle, 15 August, 2010
Credit: Emilie Raguso
The ‘David vs Goliath’ story behind
Albany’s stand to protect its Citizens

‘Albany Makes A Stand’
includes San Francisco Chronicle Story

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Radio Interview
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‘Public Awareness Communication’
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Albany Makes A Stand
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