City of Albany Smoke Alarm Ordinance 2010-06
World Fire Safety Foundation Letter to Albany City Council
The World Fire Safety Foundation
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When the City of Albany, California committed to pass an ordinance to mandate photoelectric-only smoke alarms, they drew a line in the sand for consumer safety.

The World Fire Safety Foundation’s letter (see below), was was read out at the Albany City Council’s second reading of the Ordinance.
Despite numerous letters from organisations and representatives from industry attending the meeting, including but not limited to Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Kidde, their attempts to block the ordinance failed.

World Fire Safety Foundation’s Letter
to the Albany City Council

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Chief McGinn reading the Foundation’s Letter to the Albany City Council

Ordinance 2010-906 was passed into law by a unanimous vote on the 20th July 2010.  A growing number of other U.S. cities have subsequently enacted photoelectric-specific legislation.

July, 2010

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