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DEADLY Ionization Smoke Alarms Exposé
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Vermont, USA

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15 May, 2011  |  Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Adrian Butler & Karl Westwell, World Fire Safety Foundation Co-Founders being Presented with Chief McGinn’s 
Californian Government Resolution
Chief McGinn presented his.
Californian Government Resolution.
to World Fire Safety Foundation.
Co-Founders in recognition of the. 
Foundation’s success in the USA in.
helping bring about mandatory
photoelectric smoke alarm legislation.resolution.htmllegislation.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1
16 May, 2011  |  Auckland, New Zealand
David Calvert & Chief McGinn
Chief McGinn’s. interview with.
David Calvert,.
Executive Director,.
New Zealand.
Safety Council.
in Auckland,.
New Zealand.
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Friday night BBQ at Dr Fonda’s
with NT’s nuclear-free campaigners.
Northern Territory Hospitality
Updating the Foundation’s
web site
14 May, 2011  |  Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
Northern Territory Flyer
Note: All ionization smoke alarms contain AM241
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Adrian & Marc spoke at the Don’t muck-up Muckaty
Nuclear-Free Rally outside Parliament House in Darwin
Chief McGinn’s Interview
New Zealand Safety Council
More information
about Chief McGinn:
Here > > >marcmcginn.htmlshapeimage_23_link_0
‘Alarm Sounded on Smoke Detectors’shapeimage_24_link_0
11-14 May, 2011  |  Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
The NT News  |  Darwin, NSW
District Officer Grant Hamon, Adrian Butler & Chief McGinn at NT Fire & Rescue Service HQ
NT News photo shoot
Mick Ayer, Acting Director NT Fire
Service at Darwin Public Meeting
(see flyer below)

“Mr Henderson (the Chief Minister) says the alarms will have to be
photoelectric devices, which seem to be far more efficient and safer
than ionisation detectors.

Indeed, American fire chief Marc McGinn says 1500 Americans die in
house fires every  year and thousands more are maimed because
their ionisation alarms don't go off until the property is well alight. This presents Mr Henderson with something of a dilemma.”

“. . .the ionization alarms have failed* Australian
Standards since 1993. But while the code
was improved it was never made mandatory.”
*unable to pass the scientific tests for visible smoke
Michelle Buckworth Channel 9 News
Darwin, NT, Australia
11 May, 2011
‘Fire Alarms’  |  Channel Nine, 6pm News, Darwin, NT
“. . .the ionization alarms have failed*
   Australian Standards since 1993.”
*Unable to pass the test for visible smoke
11 May, 2011
Regarding WFSF quote:
“Ionization alarms are technically not a smoke
 detector, they are a sub-micron particle detector.
 It’s actually fraudulent to call them a smoke alarm.”
December 01, 2011
NT’s Mandatory, Photoelectric-Specific Legislationlegislation_au_nt.htmlshapeimage_38_link_0
For more information:
Proposed Class Action Law Suit (USA)
California Government Resolution
Australia’s Flawed Smoke Alarm Standardclassaction.htmlresolution.htmlsa.htmlshapeimage_40_link_0shapeimage_40_link_1shapeimage_40_link_2