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Adobe’s Flash’ is software that work inside your web browser  to enable things like animations,
You Tube videos and documents (see Scribd below) to be embedded onto our webpages.

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for any problems you’re having viewing our website.

Let’s explain some things so we can get you up and running:

Scribd’ has been described as ‘You Tube for documents’ and allows you to view documents embedded
on our web pages.  To use Scribd - you also need Flash installed on your computer.  In most cases
where we have Scribd documents we also have a download link so you can immediately read the
document if you haven’t yet installed Flash - assuming you have Adobe’s PDF reader . . .

You Tube’ allows you to play videos on your computer.  Guess what?  Yep - You Tube uses Flash to play its videos!  So to watch the Foundation’s films which are embedded on our web pages you need Flash.

A Word About Networks

Most government departments and many businesses run a network.  Because networks are slowed down with You Tube, most network administrators won’t allow Flash on the network.

So when you get home tonight use your personal computer and you should have no problems.

Now there’s one last thing . . .

Make your network administrator

real happy - go home!

‘Flash’ - not so flash

on some Networks


This website has been built using Apple’s iWeb software.

iWeb can be a pain sometimes - especially if you are viewing our site on an old, not so powerful computer because we often have lots of images on our pages.  If you experience problems with scrolling - this is an iWeb issue and we’re sorry because we’re still trying to fix it, sorry!

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The World Fire Safety Foundation

Apple’s ‘iWeb’ Software

Fast but not perfect!

Adobe’s PDF Reader’ allows you to view documents created by most word processing and desktop
publishing and other software that saved their files in the ‘portable document format’ (PDF).

Download the latest version of the Adobe Reader software (it is free):  Here > > >

Software You’ll Need

This website uses software called ‘Flash’.  If audio play buttons are not visible on any pages on this website it is because your computer does have Flash software installed.
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To hear audio on this site
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