QFRS - Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Campaign - October, 2011
No Smoke Alarms in Some Homes
Australia and
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Call for Smoke Alarms

Lee Emery  |  14 January, 2012

BUNDABERG firefighters are urging people to make sure they have smoke alarms installed and working after a number of house fires across the state in recent months.

Queensland Fire and Rescue Service Inspector Terry Newman said in the north coast region there was 255 house fires in 2011 compared with just 231 in 2010.

"Obviously we have been lucky that very few in our region have had fatalities," he said.

"But that's an almost 5% increase in the one region, which is just too much."

Insp Newman said the number one measure to save lives in house fires was to install smoke alarms and ensure they were working.

"Even better if they are photoelectric alarms - that's the only kind the fire service recommends," he said.

Photoelectric smoke alarms give earlier warning to smouldering fires, which are more common for domestic fires.

Insp Newman said it was also important to have a fire escape plan.

The firefighter also urged people to turn off electrical appliances when not in use and make sure naked flames or cooking was not left unattended.

Queensland Fire and Rescue Service Inspector Terry Newman is encouraging people to play it safe when it comes to fire safety.

Scottie Simmonds