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Smoke Detector Seminar
College of Engineering
& Applied Sciences
Dr B Don Russell
Texas A & M University
"Their science isn't any good, frankly.
 As a scientist, practicing science that
 doesn't replicate what the world really
 is in terms of physics is worthless."
Dr Russell testing smoke
alarms in his Texas Lab.
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Runtime: 7 minutes

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UL-Approved Smoke Alarms May Give False Sense of Security
Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the worlds leading testing and safety organization
puts its seal of approval on millions of smoke alarms that may not work in a deadly fire.
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So why does Underwriters Laboratories endorse smoke detectors that often remain silent in a room full of smoke?  Award-winning, leading U.S. investigative reporter, Bob Segall shows you why UL-approved smoke alarms may give you and your family a false sense of security.

Bob Segall, Investigative Reporter

“Is there any scientific explanation for why in this real word situation we
  have smoke detectors that are not going off in a room full of smoke?”
Bob Segall, Investigative Reporter, WTHR, Indiana, USA  July, 2007
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In 2007, WTHR’s ‘Deadly Delay’ twelve-part investigation exposed what Indiana's State Fire Marshal called, "the most important life safety issue the fire service will face in our lifetime." 

WTHR’s investigation revealed hundreds of millions of ionization smoke alarms, the type in most homes around the world, may not activate during the most deadly (smoldering) stage of house fires resulting in needless deaths.