The DEADLY Smoke Alarms Australian  & New Zealand Tour  |  02-16 May, 2011
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The World Fire Safety Foundation
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Vermont, USA

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“I believe as an industry professional that I have
 a duty of care to get this information to the public.”
David Isaac, Member Standards Australia Committee FP002
New South Wales, Australia  August, 2006
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Adrian Butler - Chairman

World Fire Safety Foundation

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Discover the truth about the DEADLY
  ionization smoke alarms in your home.
The DEADLY Smoke Alarms
Australian & New Zealand Tour
02 - 16 May, 2011

Marc McGinn - Former Chief

Albany Fire Dept, California, USA

This webpage is provided in the public interest.
It is not endorsed by the AFAC, the FPAA or the QFRS.
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Australia’s Flawed Smoke Alarm Standard
“Why haven’t we been told?”
Susan Wood, ‘Close Up’, TVNZ,  Jan, 2005
Susan Wood
TVNZ,  Jan, 2005
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“Ionization smoke alarms may not operate in time
to alert occupants early enough to escape from smouldering fires.”
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“. . .all residential buildings
should be fitted with
photoelectric smoke
alarms in the first instance
in order to treat the highest
fire safety risk . . .”
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“For both flaming fires
and smouldering fires,
photoelectric smoke alarms
are more likely to alert
occupants in time to
escape safely.”
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“Warn the public,
 then immediately ban and recall ionization smoke alarms as they
are not fit-for-purpose.”
“...the photoelectric alarm will detect that situation almost always far, far sooner than an ionization alarm . . .”
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