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Toronto_2:  ULC - Flawed Testing?

Toronto_1:  Has UL Deceived YOU?

Toronto_3:  Is Smoke Alarm Marketing Misleading?   

The ‘UL Letters’ and ‘A Chat With Mr Drengenberg’

Find out why the Foundation believes ULC will not resolve this problem:  HERE > > >

“...the nations largest smoke alarm manufacturers defend their ionization
smoke alarms by simply pointing out
they have been tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories.”
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The Foundation’s ‘Aquarium Test'
Why your smoke detector may go off when cooking
toast but remains silent in deadly smoldering fires)
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Drengenberg - UL:
“We know if it’s a working smoke
 alarm, when the smoke hits that
 alarm, it will sound the alarm.”
John Drengenberg - UL
Bob Segall - ‘13 Investigates’

Segall - ‘13 Investigates’:
“That just doesn’t make sense . . . 
 Is there any scientific explanation
 for why, in this real-world situation,
 we have smoke detectors not
 going off in a room full of smoke?”
Drengenberg - UL:
“I really don’t know!”
UL’s Testing Under Investigation
‘UL Testing Questioned'

The World Fire Safety Foundation
thanks WTHR’s Bob Segall for
making this video available on

‘UL Testing Questioned’

Watch this film on YouTube - 7 minutes
“In test, after test, after test, ‘13 Investigates’ and local fire
  departments have discovered, in rooms full of heavy smoke,
  ionization smoke alarms did not activate for a long time . . . 
  how did all the smoke alarms get one of these - a seal of
  approval from Underwriters Laboratories?”
ULC - Flawed Testing?
13 Investigates
UL Testing Questioned
Aug 2, 2007
“If there’d have been a family in there they’d have died.
  So how did all the smoke alarms get one of these,
  a ‘Seal of Approval’ from Underwriters Laboratories?”