Far Worse than the Pedophile Priests
The World Fire Safety Foundation
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‘Far Worse than the Pedophile Priests’
10 January, 2009

As a Fire Protection Engineer, Richard Patton chaired the world’s first residential fire detection code/standard and has been credited as the developer of the residential sprinkler system.

After discovering NIST’s 1976 ‘Indiana Dunes’ tests were flawed, he became the first person in the world to expose the problem with ionization smoke alarms in his 1976, ‘Smoke Detector Fraud Report’.

Patton believes the smoke detector fraud is a felony are “far worse than the crimes of the pedophile priests”. The priests molested, but they did not kill. Patton claims there is compelling evidence to suggest that the global smoke detector fraud has not only caused tens of thousands of needless deaths, it has injured into the hundreds of thousands.

R.M. Patton FPE
fire safety campaigner

Patton on Australian National TV
Australia’s #1 current affairs program
featured Mr Patton in story about the
documentary, Stop the Children Burning

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Patton’s  Fire

Protection Engineer’s seal

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Far Worse than
the Pedophile Priests

“Few people in this world make a major contribution to the welfare
     of their fellow men in their lifetime.

It has been a privilege for me to have known you.

In my opinion, you are one of the few exceptional men that I have
     known.  You are making a major contribution to the total community.”

Joe Randall, Director of Planning & Inspection, Fresno, CA, USA

R M Patton F.P.E.
Credentials & Achievements

R M Patton, FPE  (right)

In 1972 Mr Patton was
selected from engineers
around the world for
an award for his

which revolutionized
commercial sprinkler

systems globally.

‘Life Safety
Sprinkler System’

Richard M Patton

“When the public finally discovers that hundreds of millions
of families around the world were sold a defective device
based on flawed fire testing, will the revulsion be at least
as profound as what the pedophile priests experienced?”

R M Patton, ‘Far Worse the the Pedophile Priests’, Jan 2009