National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
Chief Marc McGinn’s Message - May, 2010
The World Fire Safety Foundation
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“How many firefighter lives would be saved
through early detection by  utilizing photoelectric

Californian Fire Chief, Marc McGinn:

See correspondence from 1992 warning the NFPA about ionization
smoke alarms/detectors in the ‘Smoke Detector Fraud Letters’:  Here > > >

Chris Dubay, NFPA V.P. and Chief Engineer:

“Historically, the best scientifically supported
evidence has indicated that either type of smoke alarm
technology provides sufficient time for escape for most
people from most fires, either smoldering or flaming.”

The World Fire Safety Foundation:

“Mr Dubay, empirical scientific evidence dating back to 1993 from
Australian Government testing of ionization smoke alarms, clearly shows
they fail to provide a timely warning in life-threatening smouldering fires.
Fire fighters lives are at needless, avoidable risk.”

International Association of Fire Fighter’s (IAFF) official
position on smoke alarms/detectors, 29, October, 2008
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The NFPA Journal
Chief McGinn’s Message
May/June, 2010

Chief Marc McGinn’s Message
May, 2010
“. . . Using better (photoelectric) smoke alarms will drastically reduce the
        loss of life among citizens and fire fighters because it will mean earlier
        detection of fires and result in faster response by emergency crews.”
Chief Marc McGinn’s Message Concurs with the Official Position
of the 292,000 Member, International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF)

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See the 1998 correspondence about alleged misleading advertising
with aerosol smoke alarm/detector testers in the NFPA’s Journal:  Here > > >

NFPA claims ionization alarms
provide sufficient time for escape

Chief Marc McGinn’s
Message to the NFPA

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Chief Marc McGinn
Albany, California, USA

Albany Fire Department’s
Door-Hanger Campaign
A Message from the World Fire Safety Foundation

29 June, 2010

Attn:  Chief Marc McGinn, Albany Fire Department, Albany, California, USA

Good Morning Chief McGinn

The Foundation applauds you and the team at the City of Albany for your commitment to make the lives
of your citizens safer.  Fire Department’s in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are being
made aware of your Fire Department’s unequivocal stand against ionization smoke alarms.

We will help spread the word with your pending ‘Door-Hanger Campaign’.  We hope this will inspire other Fire Departments
to fulfil their Duty of Care to warn the public about ionization alarms and the safe, affordable, photoelectric alternatives.


The World Fire Safely Foundation
Adrian Butler, Chairman, former firefighter

Extracted from an E-mail sent 29 June, 2010, from the World Fire Safety Foundation to Chief McGinn