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In April 2009, Chicagoan Terri Stewart contacted the Foundation with her story . . .

Terri’s High Rise Nightmare
Terri lives in a thirty one story high rise apartment.  At around 1pm on 12 Jan, 2008 a smoldering fire in the basement began to fill Terri’s high rise building with dense black smoke.

Terri wanted to know why the smoke alarms had failed to  sound a warning.  She searched the Internet, came across the World Fire Safety Foundation’s site and examined the evidence.  When she started her battle to have the ionization smoke alarms changed, she was told she was suffering from ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’.

She persisted and was eventually presented evidence from the Foundation’s website to to her building management company.  They realised that once the information had been brought to their attention they had a Duty of Care to properly protect their tenants.  Thanks to Terri, hundreds of families in her building are now properly protected with photoelectric smoke detectors.

Are YOU Properly Protected?
Terri believes that if the fire had occurred in the early hours of the morning lives may have been lost.
Her persistence has been the catalyst for tenants around the world to be better protected by providing landlords the opportunity to investigate the facts.

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Terri Stewart’s
Chicago High Rise

The Terri Stewart Story
Helping Landlords Properly
Protect Their Tenants
Karl Westwell

Do you rent your home, live in a high rise building, or know someone who does?
Please tell them about this TODAY so they can properly protect their family from fire.

Do you know the family of someone killed or injured in a high rise building or rental accommodation in the USA?

Tell them about the proposed Class Action law suit  Here > > >.

Please help spread the message, YOU can make a difference.

Adrian Butler

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Have you Asked YOUR
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