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Misleading Marketing?

Is Smoke Alarm Marketing Misleading?

In the mid 60’s when ionization ‘smoke’ alarms (detectors) were first introduced into the market they were called ‘product of combustion’ alarms and were competing with existing photoelectric smoke alarms.  Find out how U.S. fire fighters were misled into selling these defective ionization devices Here

BRK is the world’s largest smoke alarm manufacturer and is located in the Chicago metro area.  BRK are named as defendents in a proposed class action law suit regarding their ionization smoke alarms.

Kidde, America’s second largest ionization smoke alarm manufacturer, have given away tens of thousands of smoke alarms in Chicago’s ‘Operation Save-A-Life’.

Kidde are named as defendents in the same proposed class action law suit as BRK.

The Foundation has written to BRK Brands Inc., and Kidde Safety Inc., requesting disclosure of data from scientific testing of their ionization smoke alarms in accordance with Australia’s flawed smoke alarm standard.  Despite several attempts, both companies continue to refuse to disclose the level of smoke at which their ionization ‘smoke’ alarms activate under Australian Standards testing.

Watch the TV report, Examine the Evidence and YOU be the Judge

‘Operation Save-A-Life?’

Is “Zero Fire Deaths” Possible Promoting “Deadly Smoke Detectors”?cbs.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0

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