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Who Failed to Warn Chicago’s FireFighters?

UL Inc’s Headquarters
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

NFPA’s Headquarters
Location: The Dark Side of the Moon?

Is the NFPA Right?    Is there any Possible Conflict of Interest?   YOU be the Judge

‘UL Approved Smoke Alarms

May Give False Sense of Security'

NFPA - What You Should Know About Smoke Alarms Fact or Fraud?

Dr B. Don Russell
“After an hour, we had 50% of the
[ionization] smoke detectors not sounding.”

“Their (UL’s) science isn’t any good...”    

Dr B. Don Russell, Texas A&M University

The World Fire Safety Foundation
thanks WTHR’s Bob Segall for
 making this video available on

“In test, after test, after test, ‘13 Investigates’ and local fire
  departments have discovered, in rooms full of heavy smoke,
  ionization smoke alarms did not activate for a long time . . .
  So how did all the smoke alarms get one of these - a seal
  of approval from Underwriters Laboratories?”

Watch this film on YouTube - 7 minutes